Meet our Workers’ Compensation Team

Our Workers’ Compensation Department has been developed over many years of working with case managers, providers, employers, patients and insurance carriers to assist in the process of coordinating the medical care of an injured employee. We are committed to providing a prompt, high quality response while coordinating all of the medical information and services needed during the worker’s compensation process.

Please send all workers’ compensation referrals to:

April Salter

Workers’ Compensation Liaison
EmergeOrtho, PA

  • New Patient Referrals
  • MRI Scheduling
  • Depositions

3787 Shipyard Boulevard Wilmington, NC

Telephone: 910-332-0048


Cheryl Brunson

Workers’ Compensation Liaison
EmergeOrtho, PA

  • Dr. Richard Bahner
  • Dr. Mark Foster
  • Dr. Craig Rineer
  • Dr. John O’Malley
  • Dr. Scott Hannum
  • Dr. David Rockwell
  • Dr. William Sutton
  • Dr. Richard Moore
  • Dr. Dale Boyd

2716 Ashton Drive Wilmington, NC

Telephone: 910-332-0487


Ashley Clark

Workers’ Compensation Liaison
EmergeOrtho, PA

  • Dr. Francis Pecoraro
  • Dr. JoAnne Allen
  • Dr. David Zub
  • Dr. Thomas Kelso
  • Dr. Albert Marr
  • Dr. Eric Lescault
  • Dr. Michael Marushack

3787 Shipyard Boulevard

Telephone: 910-332-1559


Juline Milstead

Workers’ Compensation Supervisor

EmergeOrtho, PA

  • Dr. Robert Boswell
  • Dr. Neil MacIntyre
  • Dr. Christopher Parks
  • Dr. Mark Rodger
  • Dr. Todd Rose
  • Dr. Shawn Hocker

3787 Shipyard Boulevard

Telephone: 910-254-0801


Workers’ Compensation Providers

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